13 August 2008

I'd forgotten what spit up tastes like.

Today, however, I got a plentiful reminder. Ugh. Little Bug has her first cold (what a wonderful first, right), and she is miserable beyond belief. I can't figure out what I hate more, the all-out crying, screaming, oh-my-god-why shrieks of pain, anger, and frustration, or the quiet, soft moments, when she cuddles into me and then looks up with these eyes that say "Mama, why can't you fix it?"

Finally got her to sleep around 9pm -- which is great -- and I celebrated by finishing the last sleeve on the Ladybug sweater -- you've been around a long time if you remember that one! -- and steeking the armholes before I lost my courage. I did f up one little corner, but not so badly I couldn't fix it. Go me.

Pictures. Eventually.

Meantime, taking on more responsibilities at work means that I will be better compensated on my quarterly bonus, but significantly cuts into my internet time.

There will be balance again. Eventually.


Shan said...

Aw, poor Lucy. I hate those colds - I'd rather have it than them, any day. Both mine are sick right now, youngest with a worrisome fever/cough combination but so far we seem to be keeping pneumonia at bay. I always think if only she could COUGH more effectively, these colds wouldn't drag on for so long.

Good luck...

Ranee said...

There is nothing sadder than a sick child. They look so much smaller when they are sick, too. Our children are always cheerful while they are sick, which makes them seem even more pathetic. Poor Lucy! I hope she gets better soon.

AlisonH said...

Congratulations on the success at work. Meantime, hugs to you, Lucy, and Robb!

Sheila said...

Poor baby, I hope she is feeling better by now.