17 March 2009

Don't give up on me just yet.

I've been a busy, busy bee. Making wedding invitations, mailing them, knitting shawls...I should have pictures of the shawls up in the next week or so.

The big news today is that I'm moderately sure that poor Lucy has chicken pox! Much better now than needing the vaccination...but still! Waiting for a call back from the doctor to find out if they want to see her, or if they want me to keep her the hell away.

Don't give up...this space will be filled in ten days or so...

March 28th is just around the corner!


Karin said...

You blogged! You're alive! (I've been counting down with you in a quiet sort of way).

if it is chicken pox, I am glad she has it now and not on your wedding day. It should be well over by then.


georgia said...

oh no! poor lucy. at least it's now when she's little. it should be a milder case.

i can't wait to see the shawls you've been knitting!

AlisonH said...

If they're under six months old the first time, a child can get it again. Two of mine did that. Mildly, the first time, and I thought, phew! But the second time it was severe, both kids. So I'm really glad Lucy waited till she was definitely past six months. I hope she clears up quickly for all your sakes.

Shan said...

We haven't had that yet - my oldest is seven so if she doesn't get it before she's ten, I might get her the shot...apparently, for the over-tens, innoculating is less dangerous than getting the disease.


Sheila said...

Have a great wedding! And hope Lucy is feeling better.