08 September 2008

Sleeping is for birds.

All last week, I got between 3 and 5 hours of sleep a night, for no real reason except I couldn't be bothered going to bed.

Last night, I actually got some sleep. Today, I can't get out of my own way.

Sheep & Wool festival this weekend; lovely day, lovely pretties, and very impressed with myself for staying inside of the budget Robb and I agreed on. Even more exciting, I found a spot in the living room where my spinning wheel can live and not be in the way, since there's a direct correlation between how much of my spinning wheel I can see, and how often I spin.

I'm impressed with both myself, and the high speed kit for the Kiwi; I'm spinning soft, fine singles, that should make fantastic two ply yarn, maybe DK weight. Pictures when the sun cooperates/I remember.

B, your shawl is done, I just need to block it. Which means I need blocking wires. Which are temporarily out of my price range. (i.e. I spent the money I meant to spend on blocking wires on alpaca fiber. Sorry. :( ) You will love it.

Sleepy. Nothing else to report.


Shan said...

I've been getting slightly more sleep than you but not going to bed before 1:00 AM any given night is very bad for me I've concluded. Everything suffers for it, it seems. Last night I made an effort and got to bed around midnight and it was a vast improvement.

Sheila said...

So, what goodies did you buy at the Festival? Inquiring minds want to know.

AlisonH said...

Just try rinsing the shawl and laying it out and seeing how that does. For some yarns, especially alpacas, that'll do the job well enough.

Shan said...

By the way, I use 1mm stainless steel welding rods for blocking wires. You can get them at some hardware stores, or welding shops will sometimes just give you some for free. Occasionally there's a filmy residue on them (maybe oil?) so just clean them before you use them.

They work brilliantly and cost less next to nothing. I think our whole set of twenty-five rods (they are about a meter long) were $2.50. Certainly less than a dressing wire kit costs, and functions exactly the same. The only caution is that the ends are not polished, and can have rough edges, so you have to use a little care when sliding them through the knitting.