14 October 2007

Taking a trip

Okay, not much of a trip, but my friend Melissa unknowingly decided to lift me out of my missing-Stitches funk by insisting that we were going to Waterbury, VT, to see the foliage and the Cabot cheese outlet and the Cold Hollow Cider Mill. I managed to get a third Saturday in a row off (go me!) and we took off.

It was so gorgeous, I can't even tell you. People who visit VT always tell me "You live in such a beautiful place," but you're almost forced to be jaded by it if you live here. It's like some sort of secret club requirement. If you stop and stare at the changing foliage, you're not REALLY a Vermonter. And for someone who's family has lived here for generations, it's an important distinction, between us and the flatlanders who just got here a mere two or three generations ago.

So, for a day, I played tourist. I got the best apple cider donuts I've ever had in my life, enough fresh, local jam to last me this year and half of next (four jars, and I refuse to open the next one until I've finished the one I'm on, because otherwise I will literally starve while I debate raspberry vs strawberry), these unbelievable maple sugar candies, some fantastic cheese that I should have gotten more of, a bottle of Mac Jack hard cider for when I'm not pregnant anymore... and a fantastic day with a good friend.

And some awesome pictures. In the sense of, at least for me, inspiring awe.

Without comment (except to say that the one with the old, swaybacked barn perfectly describes what I feel Vermont is), because I think they speak for themselves.


Artemis said...

I so needed that. Missing home sooo much.



Arashi said...

While I'm not missin' home, or rather the Mid-Atlantic has become my home, I do miss the pretty colors. It's almost the universal statement when people ask where I was raised and I say "Vermont" - "It is so beautiful up there..." with the leading implication of wondering why I left the state.

Sheila said...

Really great folliage. I miss the brillant fall colors.

AlisonH said...

Oh, gorgeous. Maryland was lovely to be home in, but the fall colors mostly missed out to the drought and heat. And I'm so glad you got your escape time. I missed you badly at Stitches... But I had quite a few people who wanted to know about your socks and who didn't care the least about my book nor my shawls--they wanted those beaded socks on my feet!

Karin said...

What a wonderful day you had. Great pictures!!!

AlisonH said...

Wait a minute... I guess I didn't live in New Hampshire long enough. What the heck is an apple cider doughnut? Or do I have to go concoct some to find out? Apple cider as the liquid for the yeast to grow in, then?

ancatsidhe said...

Every time I see what passes for fall colors here, I'm reminded of what the season *should* look like, and does, back east. Thank you for sharing.