21 August 2007

I'm here, I'm alive, I'm sorry!

It's all okay, I promise! I've been hit by early exhaustion, heartburn, and uncontrollable emotions. That turns out to be the 1-2-3- punch that ko'd this kiddo into a brief retirement. But the ref only got to the two count, I kicked out of it, and I'm swaying a bit, but I'm back on my feet.

Sorry. Robb's been playing his WWE game a lot on the playstation lately.

Just about 24 weeks now, which means this crazy ride is almost halfway over. So far, being pregnant is rough on my system; by no means as bad as some of my friends have had it, but nothing as calm and easy as some other friends. Heartburn, back pain, swollen feet. At my doctor's appointment yesterday, there was some talk of limiting my hours if I don't recover some from being so damn tired.

Work is stressful and insane. Various situations have contrived to turn my boss into something of a lame duck president, which leaves me divided. I don't think he can salvage the situation he's created, which makes me feel a little bad for him, but he created the situation, so there's also an aspect of "Well, then, take your medicine." He's back from his little vacation on Thursday; I'm not looking forward to it. The only thing that makes me like him at all right now is that he acknowledged that I worked so insanely much overtime in the last three months that he's letting me take a week's vacation without pulling it from my vacation time, which means that I will still have vacation time to spend at the beginning of my maternity leave.

I've hardly been knitting. I seriously need to cast on for the last sleeve of the ladybug sweater, but all that stranding is daunting in my current state. I finished the pretty yellow-and-blue sweater but it's not quite as charming as I'd hoped. When I have a bit more of the financial resources, I'm going to go find adorable buttons, and that should cheer it up some as well. I might just cast on for the star sweater in navy and yellow and let that cheery color brighten me up as well. It's worth a shot, right?

Oh, and they took another look at the ultrasound yesterday (they couldn't get a clear view of the umbilical cord last time, and sometimes the abdominal wall doesn't seal properly, and you get bowel poking into the cord, wanted to make sure that wasn't happening) and the child was being less modest, so they took another look at the business end, and are pretty sure we're having a girl. I wrote that in white on white, so if you want to know, highlight the word. Otherwise, you can wait and be surprised at the end. :)

I'll try and actually start posting pictures and things and being interesting again. You'll know how it goes; perhaps you can let me know!

Much love.


AlisonH said...

YAY!!! You're back!!! And congratulations on the vacation extra and the time to catch your breath for a moment. Sounds like the guy is starting to get a clue.

(By the way, I finally finished the last HP...)

Karin said...

Yay!!! (I peeked).
I hope you can catch yourself up on sleep SOON.
I usually don't self-promote (much) but look over at my blog--that quilt I made is actually really pretty purple and I thought of the one person who really likes purple when I finished it!